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Test results of coal
Coal certificates and test results
Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Germany
Tests for coal application possibilities – May 16-17, 2011.
Technical analysis
Total moisture 15,0
Ash content (at 815°С) (dry fuel) 6,0
Volatile-matter content (dry fuel) 39,7
Solid carbon (dry fuel) 54,3
Combustion heat
Upper combustion heat (primary fuel) 25,23
(dry fuel) 29,68
Lower combustion heat (primary fuel) 23,95
(dry fuel) 28,61
Ash fusibility

Reducing atmosphere
Sintering temperature °С 867
Deformation temperature 1227
Hemispherical temperature 1296
Yield temperature 1379

Tests of coal received from CJSC “Belovskaya Mine” proved its high usability as a gasification feedstock. This coal may undergo medium temperature gasification with receipt of simecoke and combustion gases, applicable for receipt of thermal and electrical energy.
Coal is also suitable for high-temperature gasification with derivation of syngas that may be used for production of a range of chemical products (ethylene or propylene for example) or for coal-to-liquid fuel conversion (synthetic liquid fuel or SLF).
Utilization methods applicable for tested coal include layered gasification technology, utilization in boiling beds installations, as well as gasification in the plume at high pressures. Application of most appropriate technology depends on a number of technical and commercial parameters.

Another notable characteristic of coal extracted at SJCS “Belovskaya Mine” has its high yield temperature of (1379°С), which provides opportunity to minimize customers’ expenses for maintenance of generating capacities through avoiding the use of expensive cleaning systems for combustion equipment and boilers.
Shenhua Shanghai Academy, PRC
Assessment of Russian coal direct liquefaction capability – 30.09.2011.

Russian coal provided for the tests has high profile qualities for liquefaction.
Hydgoren-carbon atomic ratio of tested coal is 0,79, vitrinite contents - 87,4%. Stated parameters explain high reaction and activity of the coal, as well as its high flexibility for liquefaction and inversion procedures.
Inversion at liquefaction of Russian coal exceeds 93%, gasoline yield exceeds 61%.


Preliminary assessment study of capability of the Russian coal for direct liquefaction has shown the following.
Assessed coal type is highly flexible for direct liquefaction. Direct liquefaction characteristic of the assessed coal was compared with same characteristic of Shenhuan Shendong coal. Comparison results evidenced that Russian coal has excellent liquefaction characteristics that excel same characteristics of some types of Chinese coal.

Thereon, liquid fuel plant with processing capacity of 3 mln t of coal shall produce 1,8 mln t of liquid fuel annually subject to use of coal supplied from CJSC “Belovskaya Mine”. Stated production number corresponds to actual annual requirements of Kuzbass for diesel fuel.

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