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Board of directors
KRASNYANSKY Georgy Leonidovich
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Born in 1955. In 1978 graduated from the Moscow Mining Institute with speciality “mining engineer-economist”. Doctor of Economics, professor, honored economist of Russia, the board member of the International coal association WCA, the member of scientific advisory council at the rector NITA MISIS, the chairman of the board of trustees of the Orthodox Church of Pyotr Equal to the apostles and Pavel to Karlovy Vary.

After graduating he held engineering and managing positions at «Ukrglavugol» under the Ukrainian SSR Gossnab, at the Melnikov Mine, at the association «Lisichanskugol». In 1989 on a competitive basis became senior economist and later – deputy research director at the Skochinsky Mining Institute.

In 1993 he was appointed as a member of the board and first deputy director general for economy of the «Rosugol» company. Starting from 1995 – member and secretary of the Academy of mining sciences of the Russian Federation.

From 1998 to 2002 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Rosuglesbyt» company – top supplier of solid fuel in the Russian coal market. In 2001 was appointed as head of an intersectional work group for coal sector issues within the inter-faction deputy association «Energy of Russia» of the Russian Federation State Duma. He directed carrying out a cycle of scientific works on adaptation of economy of the largest coal-mining enterprises to conditions of the market.  He defended idea of the organization in the coal industry of holding structures. Participation of Georgy Leonidovich Krasnyansky by the Government of the Russian Federation the basic economic principles of restructuring of the coal industry of Russia were developed and accepted.

From 2002 to May 2007 he was the shareholder of the holding company CJSC «EUROCEMENT group».

In 2008 during a meeting of the World mining congress held in Katowice (Poland) – was elected as Chairman of the Russian organizational committee of the World mining congress.

In 2010 forms and begins financing of the investment project of the Karakansky coal and energy cluster, becomes the Chairman of the board of directors of CJSC "Mine Belovskaya". In 2011 merges assets of CJSC "Mine Belovskaya", LLC "BELKOMMERTS", LLC "JSC PROMYSHLENNIK" in the group of companies LCC "KARAKAN INVEST" specializing on formation and development of the Karakansky Coal and Power Cluster (KCEC) which unites extracting, the overworking and generating capacities on the basis of the Karakansky coal field in Kuzbass. Becomes the Chairman of the board of directors of LCC "KARAKAN INVEST".

Georgy Leonidovich
Chairman of the Board of Directors
ZAIDENVARG Valery Yevgenyevich
Member of the Board of Directors

Born in 1940. In 1963 graduated from Kemerovo mining institute with a degree in Exploitation of mineral deposits, qualified as a “mining engineer”. In 1987 graduated from the Academy of national economy under the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Over a period of 22 years his professional life has been inseparably connected with exploitation of deposits of the Kuznetsk coal basin and enterprises of the Production Association «Kuzbassugol». He was Chief Technology Officer of the PA «Severokuzbassugol» for almost 10 years.

From 1987 to 1991 worked at the Ministry of coal industry of the USSR as Chief engineer of the Underground mining directorate and as Head of the main directorate of science and technology.

In 1991 elected as President of the state corporation «Russian Coal». From 1993 to 1998 held a post of first Vice-president of the «Rosugol» company.

Doctor of engineering science (1995), professor, laureate of prize of the USSR Council of Ministers, laureat of prize of Russia. At present - research supervisor of the project for KCEC development, responsible for establishment and development of cooperation between the Administration of Kemerovo region and heads of cluster-member companies.

From 2011 – a member of the Board of Directors of “KARAKAN INVEST”, LLC.

Valery Yevgenyevich
Member of the Board of Directors
KRASNYANSKY Leonid Naumovich
Member of the Board of Directors

Born in 1931. Graduated from Donetsk state university with speciality of engineer-economist. Member of the Academy of Mining Sciences and International informatization academy, honorable member of the Academy of natural sciences, active member of the Academy of investment and construction economics.

Began his career as deep drilling site foreman in Stavropol region and was promoted to first deputy director of the republican association «Ukrshakhtostroy» (Ukraine). From 1978 held various leading managing positions in the structure of Moscow construction sector. Starting from 2011 – counselor of the Moscow Mayor.

Starting from 2010 – counselor of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK «Sistema».

Starting from 2011 – member of the Board of Directors of “KARAKAN INVEST”, LLC, head of the Tender committee for procurement of material assets.

Mr. Krasnyansky is a holder of more than 200 prestigious awards: Order «For merit to the Fatherland» of grade IV, Order of the Russian academy of natural sciences «For merit in development of science and economy » of grade I, “Peter the Great» grade I Order, Order «Benefactor of Russia», honorable certificate of President of the Russian Federation. Leonid Naumovich Krasnyansky is a full cavalier of the highest award of Ukraine «For merits».

Leonid Naumovich
Member of the Board of Directors
EVTENKO Aleksander Mikhaylovich

Born in 1958. Mr. Evtenko graduated from Karakandidsky polytechnic institute with a specialization in “Industrial and civil constriction”.

Began his career in 1980 at the «Karakandashahtostroy» plant. Was promoted a number of times from starting position of construction site foreman and up to deputy chief engineer for construction works and technology of the Shaft-construction department at «Karakandashahtoprohodka». From 1989 to 1990 headed the specialized construction and installation subdivision of the «Karakandashakhtostroy » plant, which participated in recovery works in Armenia after the Spitak earthquake.

From 1990 to 2002 held key managing positions at AK «Voskresensky», CJSC «Rus’» (Asbestos Cement production combine of voskresensk), CJSC «Rosuglesbyt company».

From 2002 to 2011 held key managing positions in Holding «EUROCEMENT group», specializing in construction and maintenanceof buildings and facilities.

In 2012 Mr. Evtenko was appointed as construction director of “KARAKAN INVEST”, LLC. From April 2013 till present – Director of “PROMYSHLENNIK”, LLC (concurrently).

From March 2014 till present – Director General of “KARAKAN INVEST”, LLC.

Aleksander Mikhaylovich
Member of the Board of Directors

Born in 1956. Graduated from Berlin University with a degree in Engineering design. Graduated from the RWTH Aachen University (Aachen, Germany) with specializations: design engineer and mining engineer.

Has 25-year managing experience in the mining industry (coal, gold, steatite, salt and barren minerals). Mr. Leiders has successfully ran projects of surface and underground mining in a range of countries: Germany, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, China, Romania, Guyana, Dominican Republic, USA.

From November 2013 till present – Chief technology officer of holding company “KARAKAN INVEST”, LLC and member of holding’s Board of Directors.

Member of the Board of Directors
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