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Cooperation with the Administration
of Kemerovo Region

The group of companies “KARAKAN INVEST”, LLC pursues a complex approach in the area of social responsibility that is why the company takes an active part in social life and lends support to Kemerovo region. As an example, Agreements for social and economic cooperation with Kemerovo region and Belovsky district are concluded every year since 2010, providing a range of measures aimed for improving the quality of life in the region.

The company received letters of gratitude from the Governor of Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev for participation in arrangement of social measures.

In 2014 “KARAKAN INVEST” Group allocated funds of 5 million rubles for realization of additional measures to support orphan children of region. The money were directed on acquision of New Year gifts. 0,5 million rubles were allocated for the same needs of Belovsry area. 1 million rubles is directed on preparation of educational institutions of the area by the academic year.

Within the Agreement on social and economic partnership for 2015 concluded between the Governor of the region Aman Tuleyev and the Chairman of the board of directors of JVC "KARAKAN INVEST" Georgy Krasnyansky 45 million rublles will be directed on the implementation of social programs of region.
“KARAKAN INVEST” Group annually participates in support of the actions devoted to celebration of Day of the miner. In 2014 10 million rublles were directed on their carrying out.
“KARAKAN INVEST”, LLC has donated coal to low-income population of Belovsky district in amount equivalent to more than 1 million rubles.
2 million rublles are allocated to “KARAKAN INVEST” Group for constraction of the governors square in the Snezhinsk Belovsky municipal area.
In 2013 within the Agreement between Board of Administration of the Kemerovo region and the Coal companies of Kuzbass works on repair of sites of the highway of the Belovsky region of the Kemerovo region as Belovo-Konovalovo-Prokopevsk, km 11-32 were ptrfomed. The total area of the repaired sites made 15 214 sq.m., the cost of works more then 45 million rubles. Inccluding expenses of Group "KARAKAN INVEST", LLC made 19,2 million rubles.
On own initiative in the third quarter 2013 of "KARAKAN INVEST", LLC works on repair of sites of highways of the Belovsky region of the Kemerovo region as Evtino-Karakan-Permyaky-Karalda, by km 0-5 and Belovo-Konovalovo-Prokopevsk, km 11-32, of 8 297 sq. m. perfomed. The total cost of works made 24,6 million rubles.
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In 2014 "KARAKAN INVEST" Group perfomed works on repair of sites of public highways of the Belovsky region of the Kemerovo region as Belovo-Konovalovo-Prokopevsk, km 11-32 and Evtino-Karakan-Permyaky-Karalda, km 0-5 of 14 846 sq.m., the cost of works made about 42,6 million rubles. In October group of companies perfomed works on construction of 3 bypass temporary roads with the device of crossing through the rivers Blizhny Kuldos, Pravaya Salairka, Talda worth more than 9,5 million rubles.At the end of 2014 constraction of the yechnologikal highway from a coal warehouse of Mine Belovskaya to Belovo-Konovalovo-Prokopevsk highway, 2,8 km long, worths about 10 million rubles is ended. In total in 2014 directed 62,4 million rubles on arrangement of roads of "KARAKAN INVEST" Group.

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