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EVTENKO Aleksander Mikhaylovich
“KARAKAN INVEST”,LLC, Director General

Born in 1958. Mr. Evtenko graduated from Karakandidsky polytechnic institute with a specialization in “Industrial and civil constriction”.

Began his career in 1980 at the «Karakandashahtostroy» plant. Was promoted a number of times from starting position of construction site foreman and up to deputy chief engineer for construction works and technology of the Shaft-construction department at «Karakandashahtoprohodka». From 1989 to 1990 headed the specialized construction and installation subdivision of the «Karakandashakhtostroy » plant, which participated in recovery works in Armenia after the Spitak earthquake.

From 1990 to 2002 held key managing positions at AK «Voskresensky», CJSC «Rus’» (Asbestos Cement production combine of voskresensk), CJSC «Rosuglesbyt company».

From 2002 to 2011 held key managing positions in Holding «EUROCEMENT group», specializing in construction and maintenanceof buildings and facilities.

In 2012 Mr. Evtenko was appointed as construction director of “KARAKAN INVEST”, LLC. From April 2013 till present – Director of “PROMYSHLENNIK”, LLC (concurrently).

From March 2014 till present – Director General of “KARAKAN INVEST”, LLC.

Aleksander Mikhaylovich
“KARAKAN INVEST”,LLC, Director General
BRASLAVSKY Denis Andreyevich
“Karakan Energo Trade”, LLC, Director

Born in 1977. In 1999 graduated from Moscow state mining university with specialization “Management in mining industry” (“Underground deposits development” faculty). Completed on-the-job training program in Germany’s largest coal company (RAG AG, Bochum).

Started career in 1999 at “Rosuglesbyt” company – top supplier of solid fuel in the Russian coal market.

Worked in the company till 2002 in the sphere of material assets and procurements for mining companies.

From 2009 to 2012 – Director General of a company involved in wholesale trade with construction materials (cement, concrete, aggregates etc.).

In 2012 – head of “Karakan Energo Trade”, LLC. The company is responsible for centralized procurements and provision of Holding’s companies with necessary material assets, as well as performs functions of a trading house (railway shipments of coal to Russian customers). Besides, the company deals with wholesale trade of cement, performs functions of official dealer of the «Sebryakovcement» plant and official partner of HeidelbergCement. The company also cooperates with other cement plants of Russia.

Denis Andreyevich
“Karakan Energo Trade”, LLC, Director
ANOKHIN Aleksandr Nikolayevich
CJSC «Belovskaya Mine», Director

Born in 1958. Graduated from Kuzbass polytechnic institute with specialization in “Technology and integrated mechanization of mineral deposits surface mining”.

Mr. Anokhin began his career in 1982 as mine foreman at «Kholmogorovsky», «Mohovsky» and «Zadubrovsky» seams and was promoted several times to a final position of executive director.

From 2005 – first Deputy Director for mining works at «TD Sibir’», LLC. From 2007 - mine foreman at OJSC «Kaliningradsky Open-Cut».

From 2009 worked at OJSC «Kuzbasskaya fuel company» as head of land plot. In 2010 working in position of Executive director at CJSC «Belovskaya Mine», in 2011 was promoted to a position of Director.

Mr. Anokhin was awarded with three badges «Miner’s Glory» of third degree, with a silver badge «Miner of Russia», as well as a title «Honorable Miner».

Aleksandr Nikolayevich
CJSC «Belovskaya Mine», Director
NOVIKOVA Marina Leonidovna

Born in 1963. In 1986 graduated from the Economics department of the Kuzbass polytechnic institute.

Began her career as deep cleaning unit foreman at «Mohovsky» seam. From September 1990 till April 1998 worked as economist, mining site estimator at the tripping «Mohovsky» seam.

From 1998 to 2002 – Deputy sales director at «Zadubrovsky seam», LLC.

From 2002 to 2012 – Head of coal sales department, head of branch of OJSC «Russian Coal» in Belovo.

From 2012 till present – Director of “BELKOMMERTS”, LLC.

Marina Leonidovna
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