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Main mining and transport equipment
Excavator EKG-10 - 1 pcs.
Excavator Komatsu РС2000-8 – 1 pcs.
Excavator Komatsu РС1250-7 – 5 pcs.
Excavator Volvo EC460BLC PRIME – 3 pcs.
Excavator Komatsu РС360-7 – 1 pcs.
Excavator ЭШ-13/50 – 1 pcs.
Excavator ЭШ-6/45 – 1 pcs.
Drilling machine DML LP-1200 – 1 pcs.
Dump truck BelAZ-75131 – 20 pcs.
Dump truck BelAZ-7555В – 10 pcs.
Dump truck BelAZ-7555D – 5 pcs.
Bulldozer САТ D9R – 4 pcs.
Bulldozer Komatsu D65E – 2 pcs.
Bulldozer Т-25.01 К1БР-1 – 1 pcs.
Bulldozer Т-35.01 КБР-1 – 1 pcs.
Wheeled Bulldozer САТ 834 Н – 1 pcs.
Motor grader – 2 pcs.
Front loader Dressta 534E – 1 pcs.
Auxiliary and maintenance machinery
Besides coal mining equipment holding “KARAKAN INVEST” holds large auxiliary and maintenance machinery park on the territory of the Karakansky coal deposit.
Auxiliary machinery
Transportation of loose goods on roads withon the territory of the enterprise is carried out by dump trucks KamAZ. Assistance in loading-unloading and repair works of excavator and a transport-bulldozer vehicle is provided by motor cranes КС-55713-5 and КС-6476 and also by a loader crane Stellar 23000 OTR. Indoors transportation in the main material warehouse is carried out by an autoloader Komatsu FD15T-20.
Maintenance machinery
To ensure production process fuelling vehicles and a special maintenance station vehicle always work at the stripping. They provide uninterrupted operation of mining and transport equipment of the enterprise.
Company vehicle
A large park of company vehicles was organized for the convenience of all employees of the enterprise. A maintenance crew vehicle NefAZ transports employees to their work places and back.
Working site, buildings, facilities
An elaborate infrastructure ensuring effective operation of the enterprise was arranged on the territory of the Karakansky coal deposit. It includes administration and amenity buildings and open storages.
Administration and amenity complex (AAC)
Except for capital mining objects the holding possesses several land sites where AAC buildings and structures are placed. They include the main building of AAC, module buildings of general purpose, habitable cars and other.
Maintenance station (MNT)
 At the end of 2014 building for service and technical repair of maining-transport equipment is put into operation. 505 square meters are included: room of service (317,5 sq.m), room of warehouse of spare parts (109,2 sq.m), rooms of workshops (78 sq.m) and the heating boiler hause (46,8 sq.m).
Power supply of the enterprise
Power supply is the most important task for a coal mining enterprise. To solve this task a full-scale power grid including several substations, open-pit distributive cubicles, tower lines, searchlight towers and diesel generators for emergency cases were created.

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